IMG_5173There were fourteen of us painting in the village hall last Sunday and the picture is steadily growing in size as a result.

Tessa sent this photo of Sarah, Allison and Shirley from last Wednesday’s session. It was arranged for that day to coincide with her planned visit to Elsdon, and she has taken her two pictures back to London with her to finish. (Thank you in advance Tessa!)


On Sunday Katie’s parents came with two of the grandchildren, Toby and Jemima who both painted pictures of their own to join the group of paintings started by Emma Cowie.

We still have some blank canvasses if there are any other children out there who would like to join in and contribute a painting to the children’s group of pictures about Elsdon. Just come to one of our painting sessions soon.

The next ones are this Sunday August 9th from 10.00am until about 1.00pm and then next Thursday August 13th same time.


Halfway Through

IMG_2624Many thanks again to the group of faithful painters who came to the session in the hall on Sunday morning, some bringing their ‘homework’ of tracings with them.We are about halfway through the project now. We are aiming at thirty five canvasses in total, seven across and five deep. Nearly all the images are underway. I just need to do three more on photoshop to complete the number we need.


This painting was done by  Emma Cowie while her Mum, Claire started hers. I think we will have an exhibition of children’s responses to the Elsdon art work running alongside the main piece, so please bring your little ones along when you can to contribute a canvas of their own.


IMG_2629All the paintings, equipment and tables are still in place in the hall so that we can paint there again for a couple of hours tomorrow, Monday July 27th at 7.00pm. This is instead of my barn studio and saved me having to move all the paints etc.


The next painting sessions will be on Sunday 2nd August from 10.00 am  until 1.00 pm, and then on Wednesday 5th August at the same time. Both  will be in the village hall. See you all then.


We made a last minute change to the venue for this painting session to allow the village hall floor time to dry properly (before we spill paint on it!). There was not much room to spare, but six of us fitted in quite happily. Another evening session has been arranged for next Monday, July 20th. I think we’ll continue to work in small groups in my barn some evenings as well as in the village hall on the specified dates. This way we may be able to complete the work by the end of the summer. Everyone is welcome. Hopefully there will be room.

The next painting session in the village hall is next Tuesday morning, July 21st from 10.00 am. Please come if you can.




Thank you so much to everyone who came to paint on Sunday. We now have twelve canvasses with more than one layer of paint on each and well on their way to being finished.  (Sorry about the upside down placing of the hens, I’ve only just realised that!)

Next time we meet, on Saturday 11th July, I’ll make sure we have our own supply of coffee,tea and biscuits in the art cupboard ready for us.

Maureen is holding the painting she has started of a hare in long grass from a photograph given by the National Parks. John is working on his picture of the bridge over the burn near the Mill and Sheila chose to do the close up of a cow in a field, also taken by John.

In order to fill the space on the wall, we are aiming at either 42 or 49 canvasses by the end of August, so there’s quite a way to go still !


Elsdon painting workshop 2

The next four painting sessions will be from 10 am – 1 pm on

Sunday June 28th,

Saturday July 11th,

Tuesday July 21st and

Wednesday August 5th.

The children have made a really good start on our pictures and now we need the grown-ups too!

Please come along and help.

Elsdon painting workshop 1-1


Thank you so much to everyone who came along to help with our first painting session this morning. I was really pleased by the numbers of grown-ups and children involved, and I feel very relieved that the actual paintings have been started.



Elsdon painting workshop 3-1


Twenty four canvasses have had their first background colour painted all over the fronts and sides, and are ready for the next stage. 

As soon as the dates for the next few sessions are decided, I’ll advertise them here, on posters and on postcards through letter boxes, as before.

We had our photos taken by Janet Ross from VARC and a write up will appear in the Hexham Courant soon.

We are going to make a start on the paintings in the village hall at 10 am on Thursday May 28th.

Everyone is welcome, including children, to help paint the background colour on the canvasses. Wear your old clothes, and bring an adult with you if you are under 12!

The aim will be to cover each canvas with one colour chosen from one of the photographs. This will give the background colour onto which the details can be traced at another session.

We’ll work in the main hall so that the coffee and soup morning can still take place in the kitchen as usual on a Thursday. I’ll make sure we have some soft drinks on hand for the children.

Tell your friends and neighbours so that everyone knows about it. I’ll be putting up a few posters, and putting flyers through letterboxes in the next day or so.

If you have any questions I’ll be happy to answer them.Feel free to phone, email or write a comment on this blog.